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Maid2Clean Commercial Cleaning Services Raleigh, NC

Trusted Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services Raleigh

Maid2Clean offers professional janitorial services in Raleigh, NC. We are locally owned and operated providing the finest quality commercial cleaning services possible, at very affordable prices. With fully insured, licensed, and bonded cleaning experts, we can ensure complete peace of mind for all our customers. Plus, our company works with only the most qualified and experienced cleaners for the best commercial cleaning services Raleigh business owners expect. Maind2Clean Commercial Cleaning Services can help make your business more efficient both for you and for your employees through our flexible scheduling, affordability, and professional attention to detail.

At Maid2Clean, we have always worked very hard to give ourselves a great reputation, and that all begins by making our customers our top priority. For any questions you may have, we are always prepared to help, any time of day or night. Our full-service guarantee includes our office cleaning services in Raleigh, NC, and makes certain you know what to expect, as every project begins with a completely free quote.

Full Range of Commercial Cleaning Services & Janitorial Services Raleigh

What Clients Are Saying About Our Commercial Cleaning Services Raleigh?


I needed help in my BNB and called commercial cleaning services in Raleigh for some suggestions. They sent over a team of professional cleaners who were efficient, friendly, and did a terrific job. They got into all places I never clean! I will be hiring them again.

Laura Hartley

Doctors’ offices need a special kind of cleaning. We hired janitorial cleaning services in Raleigh for the job. We were not disappointed. From the moment you walk in the door, we feel the fresh air of a clean office. Everything is spotless!

Warren Noble

Our supermarket is a big job to clean! Commercial cleaning services in Raleigh came in, and they passed all our expectations. The market is always spotless, the glass shiny, and counters you could eat off. Our jobs are way more comfortable with your great work.

Trista Ramos

Our office is constantly bustling with no time for cleaning. So we were all happy to see the amazing job the Maid2Clean did for us the first time they arrived. We have made their office cleaning services in Raleigh a major part of our internal team so we can always count on clean workspaces, hallways, and bathrooms.

Olivia Vargas

Everyone in our office is thrilled with your janitorial services in Raleigh, NC. The cleaning crew is always prompt and prepared to handle anything they find. Thanks to them, the office is better organized and our employees can count on your professionals to get the job done right.

Edward Taunton

Maid2Clean has helped with my business for about 8 months. I have found your commercial cleaning services in Raleigh to be reliable, and completely thorough in every detail. I have already recommended your office cleaning services in Raleigh to other business owners and will continue to do so.

Barbara Stetson

See Our Reviews for MAID2CLEAN Janitorial Services Raleigh, NC

When looking for a full range of commercial cleaning services in Raleigh, Maid2Clean has got it all covered for you! We work hard to provide everything our clients need from high-quality cleaning equipment to precise cleaning skills. 

We want you to have an easy time searching for us so we make our services available on Houzz, Yelp, and Google. You can view photos and reviews from happy clients we have served in the past. If you have hired us for janitorial services in Raleigh before, feel free to share your experience with everyone and leave feedback about our services. We read all comments so we can produce better commercial cleaning for you in Raleigh. Reach us via social media anytime!

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Advantages of Our Office & Commercial Cleaning Raleigh

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MAID2CLEAN prides itself on providing high-quality commercial cleaning services in Raleigh. We understand that trust is paramount when letting a cleaner into your office, that is why our janitorial services consist of highly-skilled, trained, and are strictly vetted people. What makes us at the top of the industry is our commitment to the highest industry standard. We have many years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, and we passionately pursue better ways of doing our office cleaning. Our company is built on family values, reliability, and quality, and we have developed a customized cleaning solution that is supported by exceptional communication levels. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you’ll get attention to detail and a professional approach that guarantees a high customer satisfaction level.

How to Start Working with Our Office Cleaning Raleigh Company

When you choose our office cleaning services in Raleigh, you can expect a smooth process. Here are the steps that you can expect when we are providing janitorial services that you need.

Call or Send a Quote

Our office cleaning in Raleigh starts with a detailed estimate. We will make sure to let you know how we’ll start and end your office cleaning services. Discussing a comprehensive estimate can avoid any surprises that may come along the way.

Accept Our Quote

Once you accept our commercial cleaning quote in Raleigh, we will schedule your cleaning service at a time that’s convenient for you. We are flexible and will make sure to set a schedule that best suits your preferences as well as convenience.

Enjoy Immaculate Cleanliness

Lastly, you can enjoy our thorough commercial cleaning services in Raleigh. We only use the highest quality of materials so that your business environment is a safe environment for your employees. Trust our janitorial services to get the job done right!

The Difference Between Janitorial Services Raleigh and Commercial Cleaning Raleigh

Depending on your Raleigh company or office size and your requirements, you will determine whether you need janitorial cleaning services or commercial cleaning services. Janitorial services are usually more frequent, like every day or a few times a week, whereas commercial cleaning can happen a few times a year. Commercial cleaning includes carpet and office furniture shampooing, window cleaning and industrial sanitation methods. So more of a deep clean. Janitorial services maintain the cleanliness of your office bathrooms, kitchen, and lunchrooms daily, a few times a week, or as needed. Remember, your employees are relying on you to keep their working environment clean and healthy. Janitorial services will work around your office hours, and a list of chores compiled by you can make this a successful relationship for years to come. 

The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services Raleigh

To help you decide whether a commercial cleaning service in Raleigh is right for your office, here we present some ways that a clean office can benefit your business.

Better Air Quality

Dust can get deep into carpets and upholstered furniture, which affects the air quality in that space. Our office cleaning Raleigh service can deep-clean these surfaces, leaving you with a fresh environment.

Health Improvements

A dirty office can lead to lost workdays due to illness. Trained specialists in office cleaning services Raleigh can leave you with a clean and healthy space.


Our Raleigh commercial cleaning services specialists can dry your floors to prevent falls and injuries in high-traffic areas.

Professional Impression

A fresh commercial cleaning Raleigh will help you keep your office in the best possible way. Therefore, you will provide an excellent first impression.

Questions We Get About Our Commercial Cleaning Services Raleigh

To what kinds of businesses do you offer commercial cleaning Raleigh?

Maid2Clean Commercial Cleaning Services provides janitorial services Raleigh for all kinds of industries and settings, including offices, medical centers, banks, and other financial institutions, auto dealerships, learning centers, fitness facilities, data centers, and more. If you have any questions, please call us anytime, we’re happy to help.

Do your commercial cleaning services Raleigh come bonded and insured?

Maid2Clean operates a reputable and trusted company focusing on professional janitorial services Raleigh, NC. Our team is fully bonded and insured for your peace of mind. Please contact us or visit our FAQ section for more details if needed.

Do your office cleaning services Raleigh come with a cleaning guarantee?

Many businesses trust our services and rely on us as their top choice for office cleaning in Raleigh. We take much pride in delivering the highest level of quality services to all our clients. If you find that you are not happy with our office cleaning services, we want to make it right by redoing the entire job and leaving you completely satisfied.

What is your reputation like as a company offering janitorial services Raleigh?

Our clients rely on our expertise to provide a full range of cleaning services, including residential and office cleaning Raleigh. We constantly get excellent feedback from our clients, and the best way to judge that is by all our repeat business. When you’re ready for the best office cleaning specialists, give us a call.

How frequently do you provide commercial cleaning services Raleigh?

Our janitorial services Raleigh are provided based on the needs and preferences of each client. We are available daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or for a one-time cleaning. Reach out to us to discuss your specific needs and we can accommodate you.

Is there a fee for a quote for commercial cleaning services Raleigh?

No, Maid2Clean offers estimates that are completely free of charge to all potential clients in the local area. Call us today for your free quote and book your office cleaning Raleigh at your convenience.

Do I have to purchase my own commercial cleaning supplies?

No, our janitorial services Raleigh include all the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to get your space professionally cleaned. If you have a specific request, please contact our cleaning crew promptly so that we can prepare for your needs prior to our arrival.

What kinds of cleaning products are used for office cleaning Raleigh?

Maid2Clean comes ready to clean with eco-friendly products for top-quality, safe, and thorough cleaning. Your space will be clean, healthy, and conducive to working when we are through with our commercial cleaning Raleigh.

How do I book an office cleaning in Raleigh?

Call Maid2Clean Commercial Cleaning Services in Raleigh at (919) 987-2090, in Charlotte at (704) 496-2670 to schedule your commercial cleaning. Or reach out for a free estimate by clicking GET QUOTE NOW. We are very happy to help, so get in touch with us today.

The Commercial Cleaning Services Raleigh for Your Business

Daily Janitorial Services

The professionals offering our janitorial services Raleigh know that maintaining your business operations can be a tough job. This is why we are here to handle everything necessary to care for your property, including recurring tasks like trash disposal, vacuuming, sweeping, and office cleaning Raleigh. Our office cleaning services are designed to ensure your work environment remains clean and offers a healthy space for your staff. Thanks to our building cleaning services, you can be confident that your business, be it large or small, is kept in proper order. Consistent janitorial services in Raleigh are the keys to providing our clients with exactly what their businesses need. We make certain that your property, inside and out, looks its best for your visitors, customers, and colleagues.

Office Cleaning Services

With our office cleaning services Raleigh, you can be sure that your workplace remains clean for everyone every day. When you count on office cleaning by Maid2Clean, you allow your employees more time to focus on the work needed to move your business forward rather than taking care of any cleanup. This greater focused attention can lead to increased revenue. Plus, it is important to keep your office environment clean for a healthy staff. Your employees will concentrate on work instead of thinking about health concerns throughout the office. A healthy office helps cut down on sick days. Trust our janitorial team for professional office cleaning services Raleigh to keep your business operating smoothly. And because you will not have to spend money on cleaning equipment, supplies, or training for your team on the use of such equipment, that’s money and time saved for your business.

Floor Maintenance

Having clean and properly maintained floors are essential for any business. Your floors make the biggest first impression for anyone who walks through the door, so a simple sweeping will not be enough. Our janitorial services Raleigh can get your floors gleaming to create that impression you want for your business, and we’ll leave you with a safe floor that you don’t have to worry about.  Because your floors endure a high degree of traffic, our office cleaning services Raleigh offer them the quality of service required to maintain them properly. Your floors will look refreshed and new with the help of Maid2Clean’s office cleaning services in Raleigh, as we have the tools and experience to give you great floors for your business.

Maintain Your Home Happy, Healthy, And Safe With Our Janitorial Services Raleigh

Residential Cleaning Services & Maid Services Raleigh

Maid2Clean offers residential and commercial cleaning services Raleigh with the highest quality in this industry. We guarantee the most efficient janitorial services fast and effectively. Our main focus is that your environment is comfortable, clean, and safe. A good maintained facility or house is good for everyone’s health and morale, while at the same time we minimizing as much as possible bacteria, germs, and allergies.

Skilled And Experienced Staff

All our staff members are skilled and ready to undertake any commercial cleaning or office cleaning sessions, strive to leave everything disinfected. Our team only uses the latest personal protection equipment available on market.

Several Disinfecting Services

We provide office, residential and commercial cleaning services Raleigh which are offered for any area of your property. They may include fogging disinfection, constant cleaning and disinfection of areas such as lobbies, waiting rooms, and bathrooms. We only utilize top certified cleaning products for our services. 

Online Appointments

You can schedule an appointment with us right now for regular (monthly, bi-weekly or weekly) services or just for a single-time clean service. You can ask us about current special offers as it’s convenient and easy. Regular sanitization and disinfection are a good way to keep you healthy. 

Is It Worth To Hire a Janitorial Service Raleigh, NC?

In business, cleanliness is a very important aspect of customer service.  Why should you hire a janitorial service Raleigh to handle your commercial cleaning services and office cleaning services? Consider this.

Employee morale improves with a clean office environment. It makes sense that if employers don’t think a clean workspace is important, many employees won’t either. That directly affects staff morale which has a connection to staff productivity. Surveys show that 90% of office workers feel that a clean, uncluttered office environment makes them more productive. Maid2Clean Janitorial Services Raleigh specializes in office cleaning services.

Also, you’ll save money. Outsourcing the work to Maid2Clean Janitorial Services Raleigh saves money because they are pros at what they do.  They come in, get the job done and leave your commercial business shining and ready for the new day.

Maid2Clean Janitorial Services Raleigh provides the best commercial cleaning services in the area!

Advantages of Our Janitorial Services Raleigh

Why is it important that you find the right janitorial services in Raleigh? It’s really very simple. Open door businesses are constantly on display. Your showroom, office, lobby all say a lot about your business. Making sure it is a sparkling clean day in and day out is the best way to give that first great impression of your business, plus giving your employees a safe and clean work environment.

The office cleaning Raleigh staff from Maid2Clean Janitorial Services are specifically trained in today’s most effective and hygienically safe cleaning supplies and state-of-the-art equipment.

Maid2Clean is the leader in janitorial services Raleigh area. Call us today and let us put the shine on your business with help of our janitorial services.