How Often do Businesses Need a Deep Cleaning Service?

How Often do Businesses Need a Deep Cleaning Service?

Since the pandemic, cleaning and hygiene standards have markedly increased. All businesses should incorporate deep cleaning into their regular office cleaning schedule, which will ensure your premises are clean, fresh and free from any disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Give both your employees and clients a safe environment.

Deep vs. Regular Cleaning

A regular commercial cleaning service will keep your business tidy and clean on the surface, but it doesn’t deal with the embedded or accumulated dirt that builds up over time. A deep clean involves cleaning the carpets, windows, blinds, light fixtures and other things that are not cleaned during a regular clean. As well as physical cleaning, all surfaces are disinfected, ensuring your workers’ health and well-being.

Why It’s Important

Many people are under the misconception that the worst place for bacteria and other microorganisms is in the bathroom. However, toilets are much cleaner than other places that we rarely think of, mainly places that are frequently touched. For example: door handles, computer keyboards, etc. So much bacteria accumulates upon these objects and as your employees touch them the bacteria is spread all around. Regular cleaning, if done properly, removes bacteria, but not from the common places that are not cleaned regularly. Disinfection is needed to ensure everything is microorganism free.

Scheduling Cleaning Services

So, how often is a deep clean needed?

If your premises are small and you don’t have a large amount of traffic, once or twice a year, hiring office cleaning services should be sufficient. If your premises have regular traffic, then you will need deep office cleaning more frequently. Three times a year, or every other month. If however, your business is very busy, then a fresh deep clean every month is needed to keep on top of the bacteria, especially in the carpets, that are carried in from outside.